Pioneers in the creation of keepsake jewelry

>Atlantis has been a recognized name in wedding ring design and manufacture since 1980. Then, due to continued requests from families, 15 years ago we became one of the pioneer companies marketing a comprehensive collection of keepsake jewelry. Designer Jan Renes set the trend with his delicate jewelry which could discreetly contain a small amount of ashes, and this marked the successful launch of Atlantis Memorials.

In 2017, we are still the leading designer and supplier of keepsake jewelry. We supply our collection, which ranges from jewelry for containing ashes to jewelry decorated with fingerprint motif to charms and necklaces, through a network of suppliers in Holland and across Europe.

Contemporary design, now and forever

The design of our keepsake jewelry is both contemporary and modern. For each design, we seek the perfect balance between its emotional function and its aesthetics; keepsake jewelry is worn every day and quality is of the essence.

For this reason, in many of our chains and necklaces the eyelet is inserted into the jewel. This not only looks very pretty, but also prevents it from breaking. Larger lockets are reinforced on the inside. The small, flush-fitting screw on the back ensures that after the chamber is closed (and sealed with epoxy glue), ashes are extremely unlikely to spill out.

Premium quality, handcrafted jewelry

All Atlantis Memorials keepsake jewelry is fashioned by hand. It is die-cast, and therefore more solid, heavier and stronger. Our production process is done step by step, and finishes with the jewelry item undergoing exhaustive quality control.

This means that the risk of mistakes is minimized. Before delivery, our keepsake jewelry undergoes one last quality control to ensure that it meets the strictest quality standards.

An extensive collection, in addition to customized jewelry

All the jewelry in the special Atlantis Memorials collection is characterized by its elegant design and robust quality. In addition to jewelry for containing ashes, jewelry with fingerprint motif, charms and necklaces, the collection includes a series of special products such as rings and medallions, and jewelry with a double chamber or bearing two sets of fingerprints.

Our designers regularly showcase new designs which you are the first to see on this website. We can also customize designs to the personal wishes of customers. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Jewelry with fingerprint motif

An item of jewelry bearing your loved one’s fingerprint is the most personal thing you can have with you. The engraving on these items is deep and high-quality. After engraving, each item of jewelry undergoes an additional, intensive treatment to ensure a unique and impressive result.

Necklaces and bracelets

Our collection offers a wide range of 925 Sterling silver necklaces and bracelets, fashioned by respected silversmiths in Germany. Our experience has taught us that German quality is the highest.

Keep the memory of your pet alive with a pendant or charm

When a pet dies, a close bond is broken too. Now you can keep the memory of your faithful companion alive in the form of an attractive pendant or charm. Our special “Pets” collection offers various models and designs with the appropriate symbolism.


Decent production conditions

Jewelry-making is a profession that requires years of experience, patience and attention to detail. Some of our jewelry is made by skilled gold and silversmiths in Thailand. We value our workers and their environment matters to us. Staff have good working conditions and earn higher than the average wage. We also support a number of social projects, among them improvement of basic education and living conditions in the poorest regions.

Sources of precious metals

As a socially responsible company, we want to set the trend in our sector by being able to influence where precious metals are sourced. We do not want our jewelry to be made from precious metals that come from countries or regions where human rights are violated, or the environment is abused. We and our gold and silversmiths want to know beforehand where the silver and gold is mined, and we have already taken the first steps to promote this change.