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In Holland and Belgium, our jewelry is sold by several funeral parlors and funeral product stores (online). Find out about the Atlantis Memorials collection in your nearest funeral parlor, or find your nearest retail outlet for our jewelry.


      The Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdome

      Funeral Products BV
      Industrieweg 10-12
      5627 BS Eindhoven
      The Netherlands

      +31(0)40.248 5060
      +31(0)40.248 2880


      Desaer BVBA
      Meldertsestraat 8-4001
      3545 Zelem

      +32(0)13 67 12 70


      Funeral Products Spain
      Calle Sierra de Alcaraz 18
      28691 Villanueva de la Cañada
      Madrid – España

      +34 669 369 333