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Ring with space for fingerprint engraving.

Fingerprint file

Here you can upload a file that contains a fingerprint.
Important: The fingerprint must have sufficient resolution to be accepted.

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Atlantis Memorials



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Delivery time

4 to 5 weeks


Precious metals have different characteristics. For example, silver can tarnish or lose its shine due to the sulphur compounds contained in this metal. Gold and silver keepsake jewelry is best cleaned using special products, preferably the ones supplied by your distributor. You can also suggest to your customers that they soak the jewelry in soapy water every now and again. But all jewelry, particularly high-shine finish, is delicate and must be treated with care. When cleaning with a cloth, do not rub too hard because this can cause scratches. Valuable keepsake jewelry with inset diamonds can be taken to a professional jeweler for cleaning.

Instructions for filling


All Atlantis Memorials keepsakes for ashes have a small screw located on the base, side or back of the keepsake. Our distributors can supply professional filling kits with special screwdrivers, funnels and glue for sealing the screw. Use the special screwdriver to loosen and remove the screw carefully. Support on a soft surface so that the keepsake does not get scratched. Use the special funnel to place a small quantity of ashes inside. If the ashes are too coarse, they can be made finer using a mortar and pestle. If necessary, tamp the ashes down with a toothpick.


After you have filled the keepsake with ashes, we recommend sealing the screw in place with the special glue. To make sure the screw is clean, tighten and loosen it a few times before gluing. If it catches, it is probably because some ashes have stuck to the screw thread. Clean them off and then apply a small drop of glue to the screw and tighten it. The screw must screw in flush with the surface of the keepsake. You can wipe off any surplus glue with a suitable solvent.

Fingerprint explained

A keepsake with fingerprint motif

The silver keepsake with fingerprint motif is a permanent reminder of a loved one. This keepsake is a symbol of the bond with your child, father, mother or other loved one. No two people in the whole world have the same fingerprint, so keepsake jewelry with fingerprint motif is a unique object.

We work with our craftspersons to fashion a very special keepsake bearing the fingerprint of your loved one. Almost all our silver keepsake jewelry is handmade, since it takes the form of pendants or tiny charms in very particular shapes. What sets this jewelry apart is its perfect finish. Another important feature is that the pendant is not fixed to the chain but rather strung on it, making it longer-lasting.

Pendants are made from high-quality 925 Sterling silver, i.e. they have a minimum silver content of 92.5%, and the remaining 7.5% is other metals alloyed to make the locket stronger. All pendants are “925” hallmarked, which guarantees their compliance with strict quality standards.